Language technology crafted by experts.

WordSynk is thebigword Group platform and developers design language-software solutions for some of the world’s largest companies and brands, including well-known Silicon Valley tech companies, as well as British and US Government Departments.

WordSynk is a market-leading sourcing platform that works behind the scenes to find you a Linguist in seconds. The app connects users with a database of over 20,000 linguists around the world, and using set criteria, finds the right linguist for your needs. Everything is managed directly, in-app, at both ends.

Over 40th Year of Experience in Language Technology

We collaborated with clients across the globe to develop a product designed to remove the complexities in managing translated content and interpreting needs.

  • Terminology management
  • Advance Translation Memory
  • Augmented Machine Translation
  • Patented Highly Secure Editor
  • Patented Content Review Tool
  • AI Resource Matching 
  • Custom integrations and connectors
  • Secured cloud infrastructure

Microservice resilience with Secure Cloud

WordSynk was developed using microservices architecture - The application service code is independent, allowing faster scaling and future maintenance - improving productivity, fault tolerance and business alignment.

Through our collaboration with Microsoft, we offer a multi-layered approach to security with Azure; leveraging a team of 3,500 cybersecurity experts across the world.