Telephone Interpreting

Connect with a professional Linguist
in less than 30 seconds

Telephone Interpreting is an efficient and affordable solution for multilingual communication. With WordSynk, you can connect and collaborate within a matter of seconds, with no pre-booking or travel arrangement complications.

Available on-demand 24/7 with instant access to over 20,000 interpreters on any device whilst on-the-go, with the option to pre-book for scheduled appointments.

Language Identifier

You can now see a visual identifier - Country flags - to select the language required. 

AI Sourcing & Interpreter Match

Minimise delays and interpreter travel costs by sourcing the best-placed linguist with the appropriate skills. Configure your own criteria for the perfect match

Dashboard & Messaging

View upcoming bookings and communicate with clients via the online messaging feature. Generate access codes and one-time passcodes for scheduled telephone interpreting bookings.

Security and Permissions

Secure two-factor authentification access for extra security. Configure access and define roles for your organisation and self-manage contacts through system admin roles.

WordSynk Network App

Helps linguists efficiently manage their booking schedules on the go, providing up-to-date booking details and location maps so they can respond quickly and effectively every time.

Over 250 languages supported

Wide range of support for the world's spoken, written and signed languages across all global regions.

Priority calling

Specially designed for Police forces, the justice sector, Healthcare and Emergency services, WordSynk prioritises calls from out of hours services.  

Cost tracking & reporting

View and export booking and financial reports in real-time. For added efficiency, use our search feature to filter criteria

Easy to use, designed by Experts

Manage all your interpreting needs within the comprehensive WordSynk platform. From face-to-face interpreting, through to video remote and telephone interpreting, our platform ensures that within minutes, you can book and be connected with a specialist interpreter, fit for your requirements.