Video Remote Interpreting

Remote simultaneous interpreting for
multilingual on-site and online

Our high-speed video interpreting service gives you instant access to trained interpreting professionals, specialising in spoken or sign language services via digital face-to-face media. With an advanced web-access solution available through WordSynk, we deliver a quick and efficient solution for face-to-face contact in minutes.

Individual Video / Audio Channel Recording

Recording each channel independently gives participants the flexibility to pick the voice they want to hear and record. 

AI Sourcing & Interpreter Match

Minimise delays and interpreter travel costs by sourcing the best-placed linguist with the appropriate skills. Configure your own criteria for the perfect match.

Crystal-clear Audio and Video Quality

No need for dedicated equipment. WordSynk is capable of delivering full bandwidth video and sound at low latency, with high-quality video and lip-sync capability.

Security and Permissions

Secure two-factor authentification access for extra security. Configure access and define roles for your organisation and self-manage contacts through system admin roles.

Control Data Storage by Region

You're in full control of your data. WordSynk allows you to select the country or region where you would like your data stored. 

Over 250 languages supported

Wide range of support for the world's spoken, written and signed languages across all global regions.

Virtual Lobby

Participants will not be able to have conversations with other lobby members but guests can be updated by the call coordinator.

Cost tracking & reporting

View and export booking and financial reports in real-time. For added efficiency, use our search feature to filter criteria

Highly secured cloud-based remote interpreting platform for any event

WordSynk replaces expensive and cumbersome interpretation hardware with next-generation software and services to deliver simultaneous interpretation, anytime, anywhere.

WordSynk is cost-efficient and intuitive to use. Just download the app and go. The encrypted audio is crystal-clear with near-zero latency, the platform can be scaled to support any number of speakers or attendees. 

WordSynk makes you more efficient, allowing you to focus on making your event special.

Multilingual events made easy

Our technology ensures the highest image quality levels for seamless hi-definition Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

With our Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

  • Avoid complex setup - Spend less time setting up and configuring interpreting equipment and more time running amazing events.
  • Scale your event - Utilise cloud-based technology to ensure your events can go ahead online and be scaled to support any number of delegates.
  • Connect audiences - Leverage real-time remote participation and remote interpretation to make your events more accessible to diverse audiences.