WordSynk AI Workflow Recommendation


The smarter way to do translations. Smart translations. Smart language technology.

The latest developments in our WordSynk technology utilises Artificial Intelligence and a machine learning algorithm to provide clients with an automated analysis of the best workflow for a translation project. First time, every time.


Instant AI analysis

WordSynk AI provides an instant recommendation for the client, saving you time. Because the assessment is done automatically, your Client Account Manager will be able to concentrate on value add activities and supporting you to ensure optimal customer service and support levels.

Service and MT Engine recommendation

WordSynk AI will look at all options available to client and recommend the best solution, including Human Translation if that is the best option for your content. If Machine Translation has been recommended and selected, Artificial Intelligence will also recommend the best engine for your project.

Machine learn your preferences

WordSynk AI uses historic data and logic for its decision-making processes. As it is a data driven workflow, it is not influenced by human bias. The Artificial Intelligence learns from its performance and constantly evolves, the more data is added value add activities and supporting you to ensure optimal customer service and support levels.

Time and cost efficient

The initial time-saving in the analysis and recommendation stage combined with the speed at which Machine Translation can be done allows your project to be done in a time efficient manner. In addition to this, as the MT and Post Editing rate is cheaper than Human Translation, it can save a significant cost on each project


Evolves with more and more use

The more that data that is added and the more that WordSynk’s AI Workflow is used, the smarter and accurate the Artificial Intelligence gets.

To help make the translation process faster, we have introduced a tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to make the most common languages appear at the top of the selection list for both source and target languages.


Recommended additional services

The Artificial Intelligence based workflow also analyses whether several additional services should be applied to your desired project. The additional services recommended are below:


Why work with thebigword?

We understand the vital importance of a fast, instant service, which is why we provide on-demand, state-of-the-art technology for you and our linguists to book and accept assignments. thebigword’s offering in the field of MT is unmatched within this sector.

While many suppliers offer a single MT tool, thebigword’s multi-engine approach gives us the advantage of being able to select the most appropriate solution according to language and content, rather than being limited to a single proprietary solution.

WordSynk contains sophisticated algorithms that use Artificial Intelligence to assess MT effort via different engines and workflows so that the most cost-efficient and prompt approach is selected.

By using MT with additional post-editing by qualified Language Professionals to maintain human translation quality, turnaround times can often be reduced by 30% (or more).