Audio & Video Transcription

Secure, Accurate and Professional Transcription

WordSynk supports a wide range of different audio and video transcription services, including Text to Speech, Verbatim and Detailed transcription models, making it easy to select the right service to convert your audio or video files into readable text.

Quality & Accuracy

WordSynk's network of transcribers have the skills and experience to guarantee 99% accuracy.

AI Powered Workflow Automation

WordSynk makes continuous localisation easier and smarter, automating manual tasks and learning from your preferences -  saving you time and reducing time to market. 

Highly Audio Translation Editor

Patented Audio Editor restricts transcribers to a secure interface and prevents saving, printing or screenshots of confidential documents. Your material is in safe hands.


Security and Permissions

Secure two-factor authentification access for extra security. Configure access and define roles for your organisation and self-manage contacts through system admin roles.

Accelerate time to market

Enterprise businesses and global governments require fast turnaround translation without compromising quality. WordSynk offers unprecedented features for content reuse and continuous localisation that can cut release turnarounds from weeks to hours.

Highly Secure Audio Editor - HSAE

Eliminate data leaks and contamination risks

Our patented Audio Editor is a giant leap forward for file security – restricting transcribers to a secure interface. It prevents third parties from saving, printing or taking screenshots of confidential documents, giving clients peace of mind that material is in safe hands. Moreover, an innovative auto-delete function means documents are permanently erased after translation.

Make informed decisions

WordSynk comes with comprehensive financial, productivity, and quality dashboards that allow you to make the most informed business decisions, at both the project and workflow level.

Our Professional Services

Multilingual Global Marketing

Global markets encounter a range of languages and often complex localised communication nuances. Success in these regions requires experience of these nuances, and we can help.

E-Learning Localisation

WordSynk supports a range of eLearning formats. We make your content accessible for your employees, no matter what country they are in.

Web & App Localisation

Your website or app is your window to the world. The localisation of these spaces is key to global growth and ensures your customers understand your message.

Multimedia Localisation

From localisation and subtitling, to typesetting, voiceovers, graphic design and dubbing, we have a specialist multimedia and technical team that will deliver to your requirements.

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