thebigword balances its carbon footprint

Global language service provider, thebigword, has collaborated with Forest Carbon to take action on their UK Carbon Footprint.

Awareness of climate change around the globe is undoubtedly increasing and many businesses are making positive changes to become more eco-friendly through a number of important initiatives, such as becoming carbon neutral.

thebigword Group has an ambitious environmental strategy in place and through planting an impressive 3113 trees the company is supporting the creation of 2 new woodlands at Mallerstang, in North Yorkshire, and Trantram’s Mire in Cumbria. Through this project thebigword will capture 690 tonnes of carbon.

Commenting on the project, Steve Prior, at Forest Carbon said: “We’re glad to be working with thebigword – our first Leeds headquartered partner and a great example of service a sector business recognising that even their relatively low carbon footprint needs to be addressed.”

Michele Gould, Global Director of CSR at thebigword, added: “I’m incredibly excited to be working with Forest Carbon as part of our environmental journey.

“We are committed to monitoring our environmental impact and increasing positive best practice in recycling and waste reduction as well.

“We also plan to implement this in our global offices and I look forward to this coming into place in the very near future.”

thebigword has put greener working practices at the heart of its CSR initiatives, changing the way it uses energy, substances and chemicals, as well as natural resource consumption. Employees in every region globally have received reusable water bottles to reduce single use plastic.

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